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POLYTE® EI Clean can effectively remove the dust, oil, carbon powder and other pollution components on the surface of the insulator, no corrosion to the insulator, does not change the insulation effect, no residue after cleaning, and can be cleaned without power failure, safe, convenient, can extend the service life of the insulator.

Action Principle

Scour - The dust attached to the surface of the equipment by gravity is activated and cleaned by scour.

Weakening Action - By weakening the van der Waals force, hydrogen bond or covalent bond between the dirt molecules and the surface molecules of the object, then effectively remove dust, toner and other pollutants.

Reduction of Electrostatic Force - POLYTE® EI Clean has a high dielectric constant, which will greatly weaken the electrostatic attraction between the dirt adsorb by electrostatic action and the object surface, and promote the dirt to dissociate and peel from the surface.

Application Industry

POLYTE® EI Clean is an environmentally friendly electric cleaning chemical developed by POLMER's R&D team. It can be used in various industries such as coal-fired power generation, wind power generation, photovoltaic power plant, power supply company, rail transit, highway, military industry, electronic manufacturing, airport, petrochemical industry, coal, machinery manufacturing, communications operation and so on.

Apply to Equipment

Dry type transformer, generator set, exchange equipment, communication network equipment, substation, high voltage line, frequency converter, motor, high voltage cabinet, server, low voltage cabinet, transformer, etc.

Cooperation Case
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