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As a comprehensive service provider of environmental pollution control and energy chemicals, POLYMER has been committed to providing innovative and comprehensive environmental management solutions for cleaner production in the coal-fired power generation industry. For the cleaner production of coal-fired power generation industry, we will solve eight problems for you:

- Poor quality desulfurizer caused high sulfur content of fire coal

- High power consumption of power plant

- Serious foaming and scaling in desulfurization system

- Serious coking of boiler causes equipment damage

- Wastewater is extremely difficult to handle

- Fouling, clogging and corrosion in circulating cooling water system

- Fouling and blockage in RO system

- Harmful to health due to dust pollution

1. Dust Control Solutions

A large amount of dust occurs during transportation, loading and unloading and storage processes of coal and fly ash in Coal-Fired Power Plant. POLYMER uses a green dust suppressant product with professional spraying equipment to provide complete dust suppression scheme for different occasions, dust types and environmental factors.

- Customized solutions.

POLYMER will provide professional solutions for different occasions, different types of dust, different levels of pollution, different environmental characteristics, etc.

- Authority organization provided Safety certification.

POLYMER dust suppressants passed “Acute Skin Irritation Test”, “Acute Oral Toxicity Test” and “Heavy Metal Lead, Mercury, Arsenic” and certified by the Environmental and Health-related Product Safety Center of the  Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

- Professional supporting equipment to reduce the operation cost for users.

POLYMER will provide customized equipment matching solutions, combined with cloud intelligent control system, automatically adjust parameters, effectively control dust, and maximize energy consumption for different occasions.

2. Operation optimization scheme of the desulfurization system

Deactivation of desulfurization slurry due to poor quality desulfurizer; scaling of spray nozzle cause low desulfurization efficiency; system contain severe foaming due to desulfurization slurry with more impurities; energy consumption rate over 6% lead to cost of power generation has risen invisibly. POLYMER provides professional solutions to make the desulfurization system safe and stable, with significantly improved desulfurization efficiency and SOemission standards.

- Ensure production safety by comprehensive solutions.

Provide a comprehensive solution to solve system foaming overflow, nozzle fouling and high or even exceed the standard discharge desulfurization system operating pressure problem to ensure safe production.

- Customized solutions for energy saving.

POLYMER provides customized solutions to effectively reduce the power consumption rate of the desulfurization system by more than 0.15% and solve high power consumption issue of desulfurization system.

- Professional testing services, telephone consulting services.

POLYMER has more than 30 years of technical experience in desulfurization industry. The R&D center has a full range of R&D testing instruments. POLYMER provides professional knowledge sharing platform, sample testing analysis and telephone consultation.

3. Operation Optimization Scheme of Boiler 

Serious boiler coking because coal raw materials fluctuate greatly which affecting the thermal efficiency of the boiler; High cost due to incomplete removed of coking remove by normal operators because of the complexity of boiler coking components; Safety risk exist due to the reduction of boiler life caused by cooking. POLYMER provides a coke clearing and suppressing solution to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler.

- Coke clearing and suppressing solution to increase boiler system output. 

POLYTE® decoking agent can remove the existing coke block and suppress the occur of boiler coking. The boiler PDF simulation combustion system selects customized decoking agent for different coking characteristics, which greatly improves the system output.

- Reduce the exhaust temperature, remove coking gentle and thorough. 

The defocusing process does not require downtime, and the decoking process is gentle and thorough, effectively solving various safety production problems caused by boiler coking.

- Professional dosing equipment . 

For the complex production process of coal-fired power plant boilers, POLYMER provides professional supporting dosing equipment to achieve the simplification and refinement of the dosing process.

4. Wastewater Treatment Solution

High salt content desulfurization waste water, corrosive, extremely difficult to handle; composition of trace heavy metals is complex are harmful. POLYMER providing pretreatment solutions for desulfurization waste water intractable problems to ensure water quality for subsequent deep treatment process and achieve zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater.

- Trace heavy metal removal and desulfurization wastewater pretreatment solution. 

In view of the complex and difficult treatment of desulfurization wastewater components, combined with the common triple tank pretreatment process of wastewater treatment systems, POLYMER provides a comprehensive solution to treat desulfurization wastewater and meet environmental discharge requirements.

- Professional dosing calculation software . 

POLYMER Sampling and testing of desulfurization wastewater then uses professional calculation software to calculate the dosage of the system. Carry out laboratory tests before officially use for pharmaceutical agents customize selection to achieve fine management of dosing process which lead to 20% operation cost compared with similar products.

5.Optimization Scheme of Ultrapure Water Preparation System

Some of coal-fired power plant improves the utilization of water resources by grey water and rejected water recovery process caused increase pressure of filtration system, scaling, fouling and other problems even more prominent and POLYMER ensuring efficient operation of water system through chemical methods and provides a high-quality water source for the subsequent process

- Water quality analysis customized service. 

It adapts to various types of water sources in China, has superior water quality compatibility, and customizes the analysis of scale ion concentration in water.

- Provide the best solution through professional dosing software. 

The most economical dosage is calculated based on the water quality characteristics through professional calculation software.

- Multi-effect combination sterilization. 

The utilization of combination of impact and continuous sterilization, multi-system sterilization products ensure the film surface is clean and provide high quality water production.

- Customized cleaning solution. 

For different systems, we provide targeting cleaning service solutions to efficiently and quickly solve film fouling. 

6. Operation Optimization Scheme of Circulating Cooling Water System

POLYMER’s circulating cooling water system solution improves the chemical method to solve corrosion, scaling and microbial growth problems and lead to increase of heat exchange range and temperature difference between inlet and outlet and vacuum degree of condenser to save energy and extend the life of the equipment.

- Provide professional solution through comprehensive analysis. 

POLYMER offers full-process and full-featured diagnostic service with an experienced team of engineers and advanced analytical tools to provide a comprehensive, professional, personalization and customization solution.

- Intelligent on-line monitoring system for safety and economical.

The real-time online monitoring system comprehensively detects the system operation status, timely discovers hidden dangers, and accurately and stably controls the dosing to achieve perfect integration of effects and benefits.

- Further operating costs reduction by electric descaling system.

The electric descaling system provided by POLYMER uses the principle of electrolysis to extract ions that may cause corrosion and scaling of the system to the outside of the system, avoiding system fouling and corrosion, and greatly reducing the cost of using the drug.

POLYMER provides professional and high-quality consulting services for problems in coal-fired power generation process and provides customized solutions for specific coal-fired power plant customers.

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