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POLYMER uses innovative technology and intelligently water resources online monitor to reuse and recycle water resources, manage water resources, improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental emission standards for customer. We solve three major pain points for you:

- Hugh water consumption in coal-chemical industry

- Low recovery rate of the water reuse system

- Corrosion, scaling, microbial contamination of circulating cooling water system

1. Solution for demineralized water, zero water discharge film system

The new type of coal chemical industry consumes a lot of water, and the water consumption for one ton of product is more than ten tons. The annual water consumption is usually up to ten-millions tons. POLYMER's unique film pretreatment product can greatly reduce film performance loss caused by film fouling, optimize film recovery rate and extend film cleaning cycle; The grey water reuse system is characterized by large volume of water, complex water quality, high toxicity, difficult to degrade substances, and poor biodegradability. POLYMER provides solutions for demineralized water and grey water treatment processes to ensure water quality and normal operation of the water treatment system.

- Automatic monitoring: using remote monitoring system, real-time online detection of system operation status, through data collection, mining and analysis, to achieve system remote alarm function, find the problem and deal with it in time to minimize the impact of the emergency.

- Agent services: reduce the inlet water pollution index, control microbial contamination, prevent system fouling, reduce film system cleaning times and extend film cleaning cycle.

- Technical services: cleaning services, regular customer visits, emergency response services, system troubleshooting, system operation optimization services to help the company's water treatment system can resume normal operation in the shortest time, reducing economic losses for enterprises.

- Value-added services: professional technical training, comprehensive water quality analysis, film anatomy, quantitative/qualitative analysis of pollutants, offline cleaning services.

2. Circulating Cooling Water System Solutions

Circulating cooling water system commissioning and daily operation effect the corrosion and service life of each heat transfer equipment and causes the entire device occur shut down accident in serious cases. POLYMER circulating water system solution solves corrosion, scaling and microbial growth problems through chemical methods, improves condenser heat exchange efficiency, increases condenser inlet and outlet water temperature difference and vacuum degree, and achieves the purpose of energy saving and extending equipment life.

- Comprehensive analysis, professional solutions.

With an experienced team of engineers and advanced analytical tools, POLYMER offers a full-process and all-factor diagnostics solution that provides a professional, personalized and customized integrated solution.

- Safety and economy intelligent online monitoring system. 

On time detection of hidden dangers, accurate and stable dosing control, achieving perfect integration of effects and benefits through real-time online monitoring system and comprehensive monitoring of system operation status.

- Electric descaling system to further reduce operation cost. 

The electric descaling system provided by POLYMER uses the principle of electrolysis to extract ions that may cause corrosion and scaling of the system to the outside of the system, avoiding fouling and corrosion of the system, and greatly reducing the cost of using the agent.

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