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The industry 4.0 has already started a new revolution of intelligent water managing

time: 2019-09-03

If you were a water treatment worker, we’ve all been there……

Even it is stormy weathers, boiling sun, inspection and meter reading which you couldn’t run

Boss wants the result, staying up late when the sun goes down

Environmental inspections, over using, pollutions can make you drown

End of year report with operating cost, my bonus gone

It’s hard to say… suffer within yourself

No no no, let me tell you a secret

The industry 4.0 has already started a new revolution of intelligent water managing


POLYMER with years of water treatment industry experience, featuring a professional IT team relaying on the internet technology, we developed POLYMER WATER CARE. It achieves automatic chemical dosing, full time activated water quality control, fault warning and assist decision making, visible operation condition and one stop service. It will improve water system operating system, and reduce the consumption at the same time making sure the fluency and safety of the operation. 

1-Automatic Agent Dosing

The system includes different algorithm and model for the water type. The system will automatically dose and release according to the water quality, so it could save 30-50% of the agent. It ensure the stability of the water quality and reduce the release pressure.  

Comparing different type of dosing

2-Operation Result Informatization

On-site inspection, operation and lab report result will be analysed immediately, automatically generates visible reports, standardises the operation and improve the management efficiency. 

3-Fault warning and auxiliary decision

When problems occur, the system Immediately send supporting messages and solutions to cellphone device and WEB terminals, service will be provided within 24 hours to prevent problem. 


APP terminal, WeChat program, WEB terminal provides live views of the system’s (pump, valve, and flow) working condition, water quality, pH, conductivity, Corrosion and scale inhibitor content, Fungicide content, etc.

This is based on cloud computing algorithm, to improve the industry’s Informatization level, and achieve new innovation.

Water treatment workers are you moved……

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