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I am POLYMER Secret Weapon, Challenge Zero Odor

time: 2019-09-07

Do you have the need for deodorant?

I am POLYMER’s secret weapon

POLYTE® Sorb deodoriser

100% natural ingredients

help you to achieve an odor free environment

Name: POLYTE® Sorb deodoriser

Birthday: Just came out

Weight: 300mL

Ingredients: Harmless, pure natural ingredients

Profession: achieve an odor free environment

Success: Passed the US FDA test (US Food and Drug Administration)

I love to challenge zero odor

1- locking odor molecules

2-Accurately capture odor molecules

3-Reacts with odor molecules to form odorless and harmless compounds

4-Delivers a fresh lemon aroma

You won‘t be bothered by these things anymore

Second Hand Smoke

Stinky Pets

Weird Bathroom Smells

Smelly Kitchen

Smelly Shoes and Socks

Enjoy the nature, breath freely, happy forever

Do you like it, bring it home today …..

I am POLYTE® Sorb natural deodorizer.

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